Bachelor of Business Administration, popularly referred to as the BBA course is a three-year degree course that provides theoretical and practical knowledge to an aspirant in the fields of commerce, business and administration. It helps them develop their business and entrepreneurial insights so that they can become effective leaders and managers in future. Good communication skills, interest in problem-solving and an inclination towards teamwork and time management are some of the traits that can help a student during the BBA course.

BBA programme is designed to study the disciplinary areas of accounting, finance and economics and with specialization in the management domain. The degree seeks to provide students with the knowledge, competencies and values necessary to enable them to fulfil careers at entry-level management positions in business and industry, public sector organizations, consultancy companies and others. SRIDEVI ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE, PONNERI is one of the best educational institution from which students can pursue this professional degree to get access to a bright future.